There are lots of reasons you need to look and sound your best, and it can be difficult to get good results using the equipment that came with your computer. We get it.


For staying connected while apart, this bundle has everything you need for better picture and sound, and everything you need to put it together. This kit includes one hour of remote support, and if you have any more questions after that, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

Media Stars

For our channel hosts, culture vultures, and live streamers, this one gives you even, flattering light and awesome earphones. Remote support for this package is available at a competitive hourly rate, and the first two hours are free.


For our keynotes and conference disruptors, this kit delivers the most professional look and sound you’ll get at home. It’s easy to set up, easy to adjust, and remote support for this package is available whenever you need it, free of charge.


Pre-made packages are great for the average person doing video chats, webinars, and presentations. But if you aren’t average, we can help with that too.


What else? You tell us what you want for your show, and we’ll find the right tools: Specialty lights and stands, Lapel microphones, Wireless clickers, Show controllers, Streaming Hardware, and more


We’ll make sure you get the right size and that setup is safe and easy: Solid colors, Green Screen, Patterns, Textures, Branding and Logos, Custom Prints


If you need a hand with any of the content, we can do that too. Pre-production edits, creating content, making recordings, post-production edits, and archives… It’s a lot.

Video Editing

Do you need a hand with your presentation graphics? Or need a “like and subscribe” overlay for your show? We can help you with your pixels before a show, or work with you afterward to edit a recording, drop in titles slides, and upload it to the internet.

Audio Production

If you need help with sound, we can prepare presentation audio, help you with music and sound effects. We can edit recordings of past events, transcribe speech, or help you add audio descriptions before putting things up on your website.


We’re not going to just send you a part or two. Every cable, whatsit, and adaptor is carefully sourced for what you want to do. In other words, if you need it, we send it. We’ve got you.

Rental Packages

If you only to need help for a single event, we can put together all the high-end gear you’ll need and send it to you as a rental. Afterward, we’ll even support you while your getting everything back in the box.

Sanitized Box

We’ll check and repackage your order into a single box that’s delivered right to your doorstep. When your stuff arrives, you’ll find all of your equipment inside is clean, organized, and ready to use. And don’t worry about set up, every package comes with detailed instructions and live remote support.


Everything we send out is fully supported. From unboxing to setup to software settings, we’ll walk you through them using the same video platform you’ll be using later.